All India Information Technology Abhiyan
A National Computer Literacy Programme
An Autonomous Institution Registered
Under Govt. of Gujart & N.C.T. of New Delhi
 Welcome to All India Information Technology Abhiyan
     All India Information Technology Abhiyan is an             Autonomous  Institution Registered Under the Society Act.      21, 1860 Reg. No.  Guj/3188/VDR and Public Charitable Trust    Act.1950 under Section 29  Vide Reg. No.F/2872/VDR From      Govt. of Guj. Org. by Jandeep  Sanstha Govt. of N.C.T. New  Delhi and Under the General Vahivat  Dept. Govt. of Gujarat, Certificate according to Letter No. CRR-10-  2007-120320-g.p., New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar, Date : 13-08-  2008. AIITA provides various training programs of Central and State  Govt. to the people of different categories in the society. To fulfill the dream of Govt. of India, ”Information Technology for everyone”, . “All India Information Technology Abhiyan ” is the main motto behind running this program is to bring computer revolution in esvery village and city of India by delivering the high technical education at the nominal fee to the people of every category in India.AIITA provides various training programs to the interested students and we also provided the IT level courses and Certification also.
       All India Information Technology Abhiyan (AIITA) provides school / collage project certification to generate awareness of IT education.

Live Your Vision & Demand Your Success
Information Technology has become a fastest growing industries i today's scenario which is providing thousands of job to all trained professional information technology providing the upcoming future that will change every face human existance. In order to produce it professionals, IT education require a good infrastructure in high quality competence.
 All India Information Technology Abhiyan is an autonomous institutions. The main Objective behind the establishment of this institute is to spread the computer literacy to all over the country. By this computer awarness programme, We ansure that student learn more and more become self motivated.
        Our beefy infrastrucure and dedicated officers urge students to move the forwared to get greater professional competence. They have also been exposed to the training and real world projects. I am sure that our student can get enough knowledge to face an demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. We are inviting the peoples for the globally development of our nation.
  I wish you will helpful and step forward at this direction.